Paribuddha the Golf warrior

Coming home and becoming one with the "whole" is the path of my inner game of golf

Who am i ?

This "tell me, who am I" is one of the most important koans in our work. During the whole series of workshops, we keep asking this question!

I used to be a pretty weird kid and I loved sitting in silence at the tender age of 4. It wasn’t until I was 14 that my primary sport changed from soccer to golf, but I never became good enough for it to be considered my main pursuit in life. 

Although I never played at a reasonable professional level, I was still offered an opportunity to represent my home country Austria as an International during a period of almost ten years. I couldn`t go beyond hcp 2 though, which was at that time, playing still with wooden drivers and so forth, rather acceptable. Later in my 40s, after I had been an American resident, I turned pro with the US Golf Teachers Federation, which supported me in my new side-work, to teach Zolf, ( Zen Golf) to people in Europe, America and Australia. 

Being very successfully in the Casino Business since I was 21, I made a dramatic change in my life in 1978. Till  then I had been living an upscale VIP lifestyle at famous golf courses and discos throughout Europe, but then I started to grow my own inner vineyard. My last moments as a „Bonvivant“ were in Marbella 1978 which allowed me to refocus and put aside some things that were getting in the way of self development, by prior living life everyday fully and happily like anyone could dream of. Instead of golfing and spending most of my free time with many powerful people and top Modells, I decided to abruptly change my lifestyle and start living like a modern kind of monk in India. It only took a few days in this new environment in a Poona Ashram with my forever spiritual Master OSHO, before I realised, that my life had drastically changed, not just for now, but forever. 

I was quickly much more content within myself, but I knew that this honeymoon with my Master and myself wasn’t going to be continuous and easy along its ongoing path. The part that hurt me the most, was the fact, that I had to say goodbye to my favourite pastimes. This was mainly, playing golf in the Western world and living a life of high standards.

Make no mistake – there were plenty of new experiences to be had out here – but it could also be tough with all the shortcomings and the existing poverty in a total unfamiliar and different culture.

By living with so many wonderful and beautiful young people, especially women, from all over the world, I have been immensely less tempted to ever dive back into my life from before. While learning about so many mysteries of life and how much better my body has evolved in its ability to work efficiently over time, it hardly made sense to of ever going back now. While the change took place, it often felt like your car was going at full speed against a brick wall, while you were instantly trying to jump on the brakes. 

Since then in 78, I was only involved in casino management for a few shorter periods, mostly just to help  financing my spiritual journey with my master and his community of thousands of followers. These rather short money making excursions led me though to see so many wonderful places across the globe, which I also wouldn’t wouldn’t have wanted to miss. I finished my career as a Casino Boss, after I set up and managed 13 casinos in Czechoslovakia all within a period of 18 months in the years of 89/90. After I had now done and achieved almost everything possible in that field, as it seemed at some personal level, I was all curious to find out, what else I could experience in life, even if it was  not at such a high level within a business hierarchy . … After a string of odd jobs, I finally studied multimedia, which is still one of my prior ways to make money.

my Approach

We Facilitate silent Learning Spaces

While moving into the spaces of meditation we establish as a group these silent spaces, which enable us to look at our hinderances and repetitive patterns


— Our Mission

our mission is not to have any mission, but sharing experiences fare beyond the former spaces in golf


— Our Vision

The game of golf becomes more a technique for inner & outer awareness , the club- house and the players a mirror of laughter and joy. 


— Our Story

we love the game, surroundings and all setup of the course, and we want to turn it into a continuous celebration not a repetitive frustration



what’s  included?

Save yourself a minimum of 2 H  course time per week via ZOOM and if possible daily 90 minutes meditation time for either online-life ( or recorded) sessions during the full period of  the Zen Golf course and maintain the  aware spirit of being a watcher in all aspects throughout your life….

7 weeks of meditation intensive and various mindfulness techniques 
1 hour extra learning & sharing per week course (dealing with different reoccurring themes concerning the game of Golf & life)
daily 1 h meditation with 30 minutes sharing and learning afterwards 


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