OSHO® Nataraj Meditation™

Nataraj is the energy of dance. It is total dancing as meditation, with all inner divisions disappearing, leaving a delicate, relaxed awareness.
The meditation lasts 65 minutes and has three phases.
First phase: 40 minutes
Dance madly with your eyes closed. Let your unconscious take over completely. Do not control your movements, nor witness what is happening. Just get totally absorbed in the dance.
Second phase: 20 minutes
Keep your eyes closed and lie down immediately. Be calm and still.
Third phase: 5 minutes
Dance, celebrate and be happy.

Some of Osho’s suggestions for this meditation:
“Forget the dancer, the center of the ego, and become the dance. That is the meditation. Dance so devotedly that you completely forget that ‘you’ are dancing. Feel more and more that you are the dance. The separation has to disappear, then it becomes a meditation.
When there is a separation, it is an exercise: good, healthy, but it cannot be called spiritual. It’s just dancing. Dancing in itself is a good thing – so far, so good. You feel fresh and young afterwards. But that alone is not meditation. The dancer must disappear until only the dance remains.
Don’t be an observer this time. Throw yourself all the way in!
And be playful. Don’t forget the word playful – that’s very important to me.”
“Dancing is one of the deepest meditations possible for the simple reason that when the dance reaches its climax, the dancer disappears. Then there is only the dance – and no one dances anymore.”

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