OSHO Mandala Meditation

A powerful meditation to center yourself in the storm of everyday life.
The OSHO Mandala Meditation, a powerful, very active meditation technique, brings the body’s energies into a beneficial cycle.
In Mandala Meditation, the circle of energy creates a natural form of self-centering – the meditator draws a mandala of his own energy. The meditation technique is exhausting and awakeninggreat powers that the meditator has not previously perceived within himself.

The active OSHO Mandala Meditation is extremely healthy, it stabilizes you yet the immune system, relieves tension in the eyes and improves
the visual acuity – just to name the physical advantages. the psychic
lie in it, to an inner, harmonious circle, a “mandala”
to become.
Instructions for the OSHO Mandala
The active meditation has 4 phases of 15 minutes each. Around
to support the meditation and to initiate the individual phases,
there is a mandala meditation music that is under oshos
instructions were composed.
Run in place – 15 min
Run in place with your eyes open. Start slowly and
gradually get faster and faster. Raise your knees so high
as possible. Breathe deeply and evenly, that will be the energy
bring inside. Forget the mind and forget the body.
Keep running.
Circling the upper body while sitting – 15 min
Sit with your eyes closed and keep your mouth open and
relaxed. Now gently lower your body from the waist up
circling like a reed swayed by the wind. feel how
the wind blows you from side to side, forward and
back, again and again he makes you circle. That directs your in the
first phase awakened energies into the navel center, into the hara.
Circling your eyes lying down – 15 min
Lie on your back, open your eyes and without closing your head
move, circle the eyes clockwise. Turn them all the way in
the eye sockets, as if you were the large pointer of a giant
clock follows. Let the eyes circle as quickly as possible. It is
important that the mouth remains open and the jaw relaxed
is. The breath is gentle and even. That will be the centered
Allow energies to rise into the third eye.
Silence – 15 mins
Close your eyes and be still.
Why is the meditation technique called
“Mandala” meditation?
Form a living mandala
“Meditation is the state in which a person is self-sufficient. she is
become a closed circle. She is all alone. The mandala
is perfect.
You try to complete the mandala with other people who
Man with a woman, woman with a man. Sometimes, in certain
moments the lines meet, but just before they meet, begins
already the separation. Only when you have become a perfect circle
– whole and enough for yourself – love begins to blossom in you.”
Osho – Quotation excerpt from The Psychology of the Esoteric
“C.G.Jung had become aware that when a person with
of a split personality became one again and no longer split
was, she began to paint something like a mandala, a circle. This
Circle, this mandala, shows a deep relationship with her own, regained
inner circle.”
Osho – Quotation excerpt from The Supreme Doctrine


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