are you really ready for a change?

Why do you want to have a different swing, technique, course management and results? So your are planting seeds out of the same software technique which brought you to this very moment.So you hope that tomorrow will be all different if you are making alterations and mutations of what brought you to this very stage. You say you will be more calm, consistent and positive. You will change your timing and your stance… With sticking to the process, we become aware what we really do, how we do You have done that an endless amount of time before, and did it make a change? Did you really get calmer or did you just play to be calm? 

When it comes to an important situation of a game and tournament, did you manage to retrieve the new swing? Is all what you are acting out of the same seed of the mind you had been planting for most of your life? Look at your friends and partners? Is their game almost predictable or did someone make a major jump? I am not talking about a young or fresh player who is still in a process of learning and modelling his game. I am talking about someone who is is come to a period where things have started to get moulded in some identification. You have experienced moments of improvement and started to get kind of content with it. And then you start to think of something else and different you want to achieve.

You think if you hit it more straight, 50 yards longer and more consistent, you will be happy and content. So you give up the connection with what is and start jumping into something which is not. Contentment has been sacrificed for a mind desire… you have lost the connection with what is just now … A gap between now and future picture creates chaos. I am not saying to be content with what is, but you have to accept first with what is in order to allow the change to happen at its roots. It is like in all parts of our life, to live in desire and future hopes is an ongoing chase after our own shadow. It needs first the acceptance with what we are now and have achieved in order to prepare the ground for new seeds to sprout, and to allow a new turn take place. We cannot create out of anger, self judgment and accusation create the soil for something to evolve, which is better than what we have or are. 

So again, the answer is meditation. it and what has limited us to do so. Meditation is a dying to the past process, which means all which was leading us to this status will be loosing its influence and force over you and something new can take forms. A new way of learning and understanding the swing, A new way of rhythm will become your breath of all. you will be hearing and seeing better, what your instructor has been telling you for so long and it will make more joy and fun to integrate something unfamiliar and still imperfect into that game you are dissatisfied with but dont want to let go from alltogether. So you are clinging on one side and want something new to manifest immediately. What about the transformation? Letting go, swimming in cold water and diving out with the new seeds ….

how it works

Save yourself a minimum of 2 x 50 minutes per week for either online-life ( or recorded) sessions during a period of 21 weeks of Zen Golf and maintain the  aware spirit of being a watcher in all aspects throughout your life….

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