Body & No-mind correlation

The present moment is the only time we exist. Our bodies are always living in this moment and don’t dwell on any thoughts about the past or the future. To connect with your present senses (senses of touch, taste, smell, sound & sight) is an opportunity for you to get closer with your own body and to deepen your understanding of the world around you. We all have somatic senses. Through the body, we can not only focus on ourselves, but also the space and people that surround us. These feelings are a way of getting in touch with ourselves and others. We can use these sensations to meditate more easily and discover more about who we are or who someone else is.

Our bodies are an undiscovered country that can help us access our inner Tiger selves. We are conditioned to be very judgmental towards our bodies but they should actually be a source of pride. They should be something we believe in rather than reject. Even without doing anything, our bodies can provide us with healing and meditation among other things.”
The body can go into a response of fight, flight, freeze, or fainting if trauma is experienced. When this happens it distorts the body’s perception and also can be locked for a time period if it continues to happen. They can also improve your physical, emotional and mental health. They make it much easier to relate and stay present in the moment.

To explore our natural selves, it feels good to take time for exploring our body’s energy in any ways that feel right. When we befriend our bodies, it’s unlocking layers of memory from centuries of judgement & rejection. To cultivate new feelings of being natural is just a small step towards the joy & freedom that lies waiting for us within To come to our senses is to reclaim our right to dignity. Body consciousness is one of the simplest, although not always most popular ways for us to find peace.
This is all the learning from my Master over decades of integration of his words into all kinds of sports but mainly Golf 

The Conscious Mind Misunderstands the Origin of The Repressed Emotions

Someone insults you and offends you, causing to be angry. Anger only needs an outlet, and the insult provided it. Then the mind jumps in and puts subtitles on the anger movie: “You are rightly angry – because you have been insulted.”

The source of anger lies elsewhere. However, because you are preoccupied with your sense of certainty that the anger is a result of today’s insult, you never get to experience the original source of anger. This means it can never be resolved, which then causes it to persist and happen again and again.

How exactly does gibberish help?
The beauty of gibberish is that it has all the qualities of a language except meaning. Now, when you express that anger, there is nothing to reinforce the thought process behind your anger. Sure, you may scream & shout but now the subtitles on that emotional movie tell you nothing

Feel the original emotional energy – without conscious interference. Express your anger with gibberish words, instead of stopping to analyze an insult.
The article doesn’t offer any real “words” trying to explain anything. There are only raw emotions – no commentary, explanation, or justification. It just offers a “passionate dialog” – unaddressed

Now you can let the memories from your past resurface and use a natural therapeutic process to release them. All you have to do is sit back and relax for one hour of silent activity, and this approach can make it so that these memories cannot affect you in the same way again.

So, What Precisely Is No-Mind?You have legs and are walking. Then you stop. You still have legs, but where has the walking gone? In meditation, where have the thoughts gone? You still have the mind, but it is silent – that is No-Mind! Which Osho describes as “a great revolution of consciousness”

“I am dealing with the contemporary man, who is the most restless being that has ever evolved on the earth. But people do become silent; you just have to allow them to throw out their madness, insanity, then they themselves become silent.”  Osho

While Buddhist traditions speak of mindfulness, Osho has introduced ‘No-Mind’, a seemingly very strange concept in the contemporary world, don’t you think? Osho explains the possibility of going beyond the mind, thus creating a distance between ourselves and the never-ending chatter in our heads. “Once a man is in a state of no-mind, nothing can distract him from his being. There is no power bigger than the power of No-Mind. No harm can be done to such a person.” Osho OSHO No-Mind, a meditative therapy created by Osho is now available online. Follow this link to attend a free course taster and learn more about this course 👉  © OSHO International Foundation © OSHO is a registered trademark of OSHO International Foundation

Why did the mind develop in a destructive direction?
“Man has lived almost four million years on this planet. In these four million years most of the time there were dark nights without fire, wild animals, danger all around, and every moment full of fear. Out of this fear and danger man has had to create a certain capacity to survive….
“Mind developed as a survival measure – how to hide yourself, how to find caves, how to make caves? How to live in darkness without being harmed, how to live in trees? It has been a difficult time for millions of years….
“Man has passed through such a struggle for survival that he cannot forget those habits. So even though now we don’t have wild animals to attack, we are preparing nuclear weapons. We don’t have any reason to fight, but we are cultivating more and more arms just out of old animal habit….
“This means, now we have to find ways to protect ourselves from our mind’s fear, to protect ourselves from our own weapons. Now there is no enemy to be killed; now the world war, if it happens at all, will be suicide.
“We have to save ourselves from our own minds. This mind was created for a certain reason: to save us from the animals. For centuries we were in danger; now we are in danger from our own destructive weapons….
“The idea should be that now we have to rejoice in nature, we have to find the mysteries and secrets of nature, and we have to go beyond mind…. That’s what we are doing in meditation.”To continue reading this OSHO Talk, visit: The Absolute Host


what’s  included?

Save yourself a minimum of 2 H  course time per week via ZOOM and if possible daily 90 minutes meditation time for either online-life ( or recorded) sessions during the full period of  the Zen Golf course and maintain the  aware spirit of being a watcher in all aspects throughout your life….

7 weeks of meditation intensive and various mindfulness techniques 
1 hour extra learning & sharing per week course (dealing with different reoccurring themes concerning the game of Golf & life)
daily 1 h meditation with 30 minutes sharing and learning afterwards 


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