OSHO Gourishankar Meditation

An active and at the same time very gentle meditation before
To fall asleep
With the OSHO Gourishankar Meditation a high peak in the
experience meditation. ‘Gourishankar’ is the Indian term for the
highest peak in the Himalayas.
The meditation practice involves deep breathing, looking gently into a light
and letting the body move gracefully on its own.
Guide to the OSHO Gourishankar
This meditation technique, best done in the evening,
consists of four phases of 15 minutes each. The first two
Phases are a preparation for the spontaneous body movements
(Latihan) of the third phase.
If the breathing is done correctly in the first phase, then
created by the carbon dioxide that forms in the bloodstream,
a kind of rush of heights, as if you were high up on OSHO
Gourishankar (name for Everest).
Deep inhalation and exhalation
Sit with your eyes closed. Breathe deeply through the
Nose and fill the lungs. Hold your breath for as long as possible
breathe in, then breathe out gently through your mouth and let go
the lungs empty for as long as possible. Set this breathing cycle
the whole 15 minutes.
Look softly into a light
Return to normal breathing and gaze with a relaxed gaze
Look at a candle lamp or a blue flickering light (strobe).
Keep the body still.
The rhythm of the music in this phase is twice as fast
like the normal heartbeat. If possible, the blue should
flicker the strobe at the same speed. if not
present, one can also look into a candle.
Latihan – letting the body move
Stand up with your eyes closed and relax your body
and be receptive. The energy moves now, without your
external intervention, the body gentle and graceful. allow it
Lie down calmly and still with your eyes closed.
Note: Meditators with a neurophysiological disease
such as epilepsy, should not use a strobe or anything else
!use flickering light for this active meditation
Meditate before falling asleep
Osho quotes to set the mood for the inner Gourishankar,
the inner, highest peak:
“When the energy rises, a great transformation occurs.
When the energy has reached the highest point in you, the 7th chakra of your being,
the highest peak, the inner Gourishankar, then you become the
divine itself.”
Osho – Quotation excerpt from The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 3, #8
“Each person has their own uniqueness. When she becomes enlightened, then
it becomes even more unique. It becomes a peak in the Himalayas, like that
Gourishankar standing totally aloof, alone, reaching for the stars.
It is not like any other peak in the Himalayas or any other mountain.
He’s just himself.”
Osho – Quoted excerpt from Bodhidharma: The Greatest Zen Master #5
“Let all burdens go! The higher you want to climb, the freer you have to be
be you When you go to the Himalayas, you have to give up all ballast.
Finally, if you then go to Gourishankar, the highest peak
eventually you have to let go of everything.
You walk on naked, because the higher you climb, the lighter you have to be
Osho – Quotation excerpt from Hsing Hsin Ming: The Book of Nothing #1

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