In this meditation you can experience prayer as an energy phenomenon, not as a devotion to God,
but as a merging, as an opening. This merging with energy is prayer. it changes you
A new vigor, a new life will penetrate you.
It is best to meditate at night in a darkened room and go to sleep immediately afterwards. You
you can also do it in the morning, but after that you need to rest for fifteen minutes. This calm is
necessary, otherwise you will feel drunk.
This meditation is done with the special OSHO Prayer Meditation Music that supports it
she energetic.
See below where this music is available.
A phase with cycles of two parts: approx. 20 minutes
Kneel and sit upright on your knees, eyes closed. Raise both arms
to the sky, palms up, raise your head to the sky, and feel like them
existence flows into you. When the energy or prana flows through your arms, you become one
feel a slight tremor. Be like a leaf in the wind, trembling – allow it, support it. leave yours
vibrate with energy, and just let whatever happens happen.
After 2-3 minutes or when you feel completely full, bend down and lie down
forehead on the floor. You become a vehicle that allows the divine energy to interact with the
to unite the earth.
You’re in flux with the earth again. Earth and sky, above and below, yin and yang, male and female
feminine – you glide, you blend, you drop completely. You are not. you become one
you merge
These two cycles should be repeated six times so that each of the chakras or
Energy centers can rise. You can do it multiple times, but if you do less,
you feel restless and cannot sleep.
Osho explains about this meditation:
“In the morning you will feel fresher than ever, more vital than ever. A new zest, a
new life will permeate you and you will feel renewed energy throughout the day
feel. a new mood, a new song in your heart and a new dance in your feet.”
“This merging with energy is prayer. it changes you And when you change, change
the whole existence, because with your attitude the whole existence changes for you. Not,
that existence changes – existence remains the same – but now that you flow with it, there is
no conflict. There is no struggle, no struggle, you surrender to her.”

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