Mind & Goal Perfection

All achievements are happening in the mind. And the problem with the mind is, that it only exists in time, but mainly in the future. The process of meditation is all about bringing us into the here and now, a space where the mind evaporates. it is a useless effort, to try for both, as there is only one or the other. The mind has no present moment. Therefore it is such an impossible task to make any achievement a part of your mind. It is already gone with the past and therefore nothing to do with your being, it is part of the past mind. But this concerns not only the level of Golf or other you want to reach, it is more a goal which can only exist in the mind, and therefore outside the “here and now”. Once we experience moments of letting go this achieving desire and mind, we get a glimpse of NO MIND and enlightenment. My Master keeps repeating to me:
Perfection cannot be achieved, but only recognised. As long as we long or desire for becoming, the mind will linger and play us tricks.

And this will automatically always throw us into misery. So whether wanting to become a lower handicapper, pro, Top Pro or a Tiger Woods, it doesn’t matter, it is all great food for the mind.  The strange story is, that misery is accompanied with big effort and arduous work, creating unnecessary inner conflicts. When I try to synchronise my mind intentions with my body execution, it often fails due to their differences. The mind is in the past or future and the body is always here but nowhere else….

It seems everyones phenomenon that we are all trapped by this demand to improve. We all grew up in this anxiety to improve and perform. Only very few groups have realised this mind-trap and changed  this negative approach against acceptance. This everlasting effort to improve upon ourself made up exactly the barrier to let improvement happen to us. Effort disturbs our playfulness.

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