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The first thing to be understood is, to be aware of one’s unawareness. That is the only beginning possible. If one becomes aware of one’s unawareness, then things begin to change. So be attentive of your inattentions.”  Osho

Group Coaching

Here is a way to escape the old habits that are keeping you from optimal health and wellbeing The Feldenkrais Method is based on the understanding that individuals develop and maintain habitual ways of movement that cause stress in the body. This has physical and psychological effects and results in suppressed body awareness. This bodymind split allows imbalance to increase and chronic ill health to become embedded in the system. Enhancing the vital body mind connection The combination of the Feldenkrais movements with specially selected awareness techniques, wakes us up to our own lack of body awareness, which is the beginning of the journey to a relaxed flowing body-mind.

Each Session / 60 - 90 minutes

My clients rate:

Join the method to act and golf from the inside

The Feldenkrais technique is one of the most effective methods to increase and develop your body awareness and capacity to become a more watchful player and person

sarovara - susan

I am born and raised as a  Canadian. After studying animation in Toronto, I traveled the world for many years, dedicating my time to the study of life and spirituality. After years in India, especially with my master “Osho”, I began to deepen my knowledge of bodywork professionally. My training was initially in America, Asia and Europe. Soon after, I not only began to apply my knowledge to private patients, but also to continuously pass on the knowledge I had acquired to others in courses. My great love has always been to improve and deepen my own awareness and that of my clients through my work. To this day, I find a lot of joy when this happens on a small and large scale. This process also always seems to have a very positive impact on both my physical and mental condition as well as that of my clients. Above all, the connection with the Feldenkrais technique has set many accents. Many athletes, creative people and managers confirm to me again and again that this work has great effects after the precious moments of inner relaxation and recharging. Above all, I look forward to these clients who are interested in the long term in wanting to make their lives richer both internally and externally.

This experiential course aims to:


  • free your body from unnecessary tension and restore neuromuscular balance in your body.
  • teach you how to use your body’s perception as a guide to defuse emotional and physiological patterns.
  • introduce you to techniques that restore your bodymind connection and develop your bodily awareness.
  • allow you to experience a sense of inner lightness, fluidity and ease in your bodymind.
  • remind you to love your body and yourself.
  • use body awareness as a doorway to deepen your meditative practice.

This body-work was discovered by Moshe Feldenkrais. It is soft energy work and it will help you to feel how to flow more easily, how to flow and not to freeze. And once this knack is understood, life takes on a totally different color, a different hue.
Energy flowing is always moving closer to the divine. Energy not flowing is not moving towards anywhere. In that no-movement, in that stagnancy, one becomes dull, one loses one’s flavour, one’s glory, one’s fragrance.”  Osho

Our path

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working on
total flexibility



A free neck gives you that authority and confidence any Golfer of any level needs to play at his own top level



With extra freedom around your shoulders you gain not only the necessary smoothness but also the most wanted extra yards

back & hipps

a natural hip movement makes a big difference in the rhythm and process 

Most Popular Questions

Well it is quite easy. Step by Step Babysteps… follow the flow of diving into your unconscious by meditating more regular. Joining us for a taste will give you a much better idea.

There is only now. The decision can only be made in the moment, any time after is more a business and not a spontaneous jump

our events

Feldenkrais will be a regular technique used in our seminars, so if you are part of any workshop, you can get a taste. Otherwise you can book sessions with Sarovara Susan K.


what’s  included?

Save yourself a minimum of 2 H  course time per week via ZOOM and if possible daily 90 minutes meditation time for either online-life ( or recorded) sessions during the full period of  the Zen Golf course and maintain the  aware spirit of being a watcher in all aspects throughout your life….

7 weeks of meditation intensive and various mindfulness techniques 
1 hour extra learning & sharing per week course (dealing with different reoccurring themes concerning the game of Golf & life)
daily 1 h meditation with 30 minutes sharing and learning afterwards 


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