Guide to OSHO Nadabrahma
summation meditation
The meditation method is done with music:
Music for the Osho Nadabrahma Meditation
First phase (30 min): Loud buzzing
Sit in a relaxed posture with your eyes closed and your
Mouth. Start humming so loud that,
when others are there, they can still hear you.
Hum loud enough to feel your body through the
Vibration is made to oscillate.
Allow the body and mind to fill with these vibrations. Thereby
creates a vibration throughout your body.
You can imagine a tube or an empty vessel that
completely filled with the vibrations of the hum.
There is no special breathing technique in this meditation, you
you can change your pitch and also your body gently
move when you feel like it.
There comes a moment when the buzzing happens by itself
and you just listen Become more and more a listener.
Second phase (15 min): Circular
arm movements
The second phase is divided into two parts of seven and a half minutes each
divided up.
stop humming Sit relaxed, bring your hands
palms up in front of your stomach. Move them slowly
Forward. Then the hands separate and perform
two large circles to the right and left.
When you get to the front of your stomach again, make new circles
in a circular motion away from the body. the
Movement should be so slow that at times you feel she
didn’t move at all. Feel like you the universe
give your energy
After seven and a half minutes (on the audio CD, the music starts here
briefly off) turn your hands around – the palms are now
facing downwards – and move your hands in the opposite direction
set direction.
The starting point is again the navel area, but now they go
Hands from there to either side of the body apart.
Feel yourself absorbing energy. As in the first phase
you can allow slight body movements.
Third phase (15 min): Sit still and relaxed
Sit relaxed, still and stay mindful.
Instructions OSHO Nadabrahma Summing Meditation

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