MindMirror empowers you to create a better future for yourself. Everything you experience in life is a reflection of your own thoughts and beliefs, so it’s important to step back and detach yourself from your mental creations.

All what you see and observe out there is a mirror of your mind. Realising this you take a step back and become detached of your mind creations that have been programmed into your reality.You will be able to step out of time and time is your mind’s greatest illusion. Your mind creates it’s own reality in the past, present and future; not outside but within which is source of all that exists.

Unleash Your Golf Potential with the Power of Meditation.

Let go of the past and develop the power of your mind with our golf-inspired meditative practice. There are many practices, only you can find out which ones are finally the ones, you make the biggest steps during your evolution.


Meditation is an important practice for golfers to reach their full potential. It can help them clear their minds and let go of the past, allowing them to focus on the present moment and develop a powerful mind. Our golf-inspired meditative practice will help you achieve this state of mental clarity and unlock your inner strength. With regular practice, you can become the best golfer you can be!

Engage your senses by focusing on your breath. Take a deep inhale and exhale through your mouth, taking in the smell of nature and the feel of the ground beneath you. Begin to focus on each part of your body as you feel it relax. Start with a few rounds of breath: Inhale for ……. 


what’s  included?

Save yourself a minimum of 2 H  course time per week via ZOOM and if possible daily 90 minutes meditation time for either online-life ( or recorded) sessions during the full period of  the Zen Golf course and maintain the  aware spirit of being a watcher in all aspects throughout your life….

7 weeks of meditation intensive and various mindfulness techniques 
1 hour extra learning & sharing per week course (dealing with different reoccurring themes concerning the game of Golf & life)
daily 1 h meditation with 30 minutes sharing and learning afterwards 


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