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OSHO Dynamic meditation

The quick and very efficient and fast way to meditate. You will wake up, disoriented in this new time, with a free heart that is not under the pressure of stress. This technique is great for those who work with their brain most of the time and want a break from life’s stresses.
do you often find yourself lost in thought and mind wandering, but can’t seem to get out of that spiral? there is a tool for you-do this single person guided meditation or be part of a group doing OSHO Dynamic Meditation.
The Osho Dynamic Meditation lasts 60 minutes and has 5 phases. The eyes remain closed throughout the meditation. The music for the 1st phase is 10 minutes long:

Wild, irregular breathing
Breathe chaotically through the nose; just pay attention to the exhalation.
The body takes care of the inhalation by itself. Breathe like this
fast and as hard as you can – and then a little more
harder – until you are just breathing.
Use your body’s natural movements to increase energy
to get. Feel her gaining weight, but allow her
not to let off steam in the first phase.

2nd phase (10 min): Express yourself
explode! Let out everything that wants to break out. get total
crazy. Scream, yell, cry, jump, shake, dance, sing,
laugh, romp around. Hold nothing back, hold your whole body
In the beginning, feel free to act a little to get in.
Don’t let your head get involved. be totally
be there with all your heart.

3rd phase (10 min): With raised arms
Jump up and down with raised arms while shouting this
Mantra “Huh! huh! Huh!” as deep from the gut as can be
possible. Every time you land on your feet, namely
with the whole sole, let that tone pound into your sex center.
Give everything you have, totally exhaust yourself.

4th phase (15 min): Be still, do nothing
Stop! Freeze and stay in the exact position you are in
are you. Don’t try to make the body comfortable. a cough,
the slightest movement and the energy is dissipated
and all the effort was in vain. Watch everything that happens to you.

5th phase (15 min): Celebrate (yourself).
Walk with the music, dance, express your thanks to creation and take this feeling of happiness with you into the day.
Meditate dynamically at home with the silent version
At home it is often not possible to express yourself loudly and dynamically.
For this situation there is the silent version: instead of screaming out the emotions,
in the second phase let the catharsis through the movements alone
happen to your body.
In the third phase, you can use the Huh! pounding silently inward.
And in the fifth phase you can express celebration in silent dance.
(comic by Swaha)
See also the description of the OSHO Dynamic Meditation on osho.-
com. Online, the OSHO Dynamic Meditation can be done on iosho
will. There you can also get detailed and motivating English
Watch how-to videos.
OSHO Dynamic Meditation – a revolution of

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