Instructions OSHO Whirling

In the OSHO Whirling Meditation you can experience ecstasy and devotion
Experienced. Here are the German instructions for this active meditation
and in-depth texts by Osho.
Ecstasy, devotion, centering and recognizing the inevitable….,
this may come across to the meditator during an OSHO Whirling Meditation
Try this active meditation! You can get them in any bigger one
make living room…
It is recommended not to eat anything for up to 3 hours prior to Whirling Meditation
eat and drink. It is best to turn barefoot and wear loose clothing.
The meditation is divided into 2 phases:
to spin (whirl)
and silence.
There is no fixed amount of time for whirling – it can last for hours.
However, it is suggested that you sit for at least an hour
spin to get fully into the feeling of an energy vortex.
Let your body be soft and keep your eyes open but without focusing
so that during the turning pictures blurry and “owing
will. keep still
Guide to OSHO Whirling
First phase:
45 minutes of whirlpools
Keep your eyes open and feel your inner center. lifting
your arms up to shoulder level, with the palm of your right hand
up and the left palm down.
Begin with a relaxed body around your own axis
to turn.
Start slow and gradually increase your speed after 15 minutes
and faster.
You become a vortex of energy – outside a storm of movement,
but the witness in the center is calm and still.
Second phase:
Lie still on the floor for 15 minutes
When the music stops, just lower your body to the floor
fall (if you haven’t already done so).
Immediately lie on your stomach so that your navel touches the earth
has contact. Feel your body connecting to the earth –
like a small child lying on its mother’s breast.
Close your eyes, be still and observe.
After meditation, be as still and inactive as possible.
Some people may get it during Whirling Meditation
bad, but this feeling should go away in 2 or 3 days.
Only stop this meditation if it is after
still holds.

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