OSHO® Gibberish Meditation

Gibberish is one of the most scientific ways to cleanse your mind. It is one
cathartic method supported by expressive sounds and body movements
followed by deep merging or relaxation in stillness.
The meditation lasts 30 minutes and has two phases.
For the second phase, two options are given below, you can choose which one
suits you better.
First phase: 15 minutes
You can do this meditation alone or in a group. close your eyes and say everything
what wants to be expressed in you – everything you ever wanted to say and not say
you could because civilization, education, culture and society prevented you from doing so. Be totally, be
passionate, throw out everything that’s on your mind. And say it in any language you
don’t know! Speak Chinese if you don’t know Chinese. Speak Japanese if you don’t
know Japanese. Don’t speak German if you know German.
Throw out all your madness in gibberish, in gibberish, in tones and gestures. Just allow
whatever goes through your mind, don’t worry if it’s reasonable, meaningful, meaningful
or is important. You have this freedom for the first time – the same freedom that all birds have.
The head always thinks in words. Gibberish helps this pattern of constant verbalization
to break up Don’t worry if it’s Arabic, Hebrew or Chinese, you may
speak any language you don’t know. Just avoid the language you know, because that
Language you know cannot express your nonsense. you can spit out your thoughts
without suppressing them—in Gibberish. And that’s how your body can express them.
Be real, be real, just go totally crazy.
Second phase: 15 minutes – Option 1
Lie on your stomach and feel like you are merging with Mother Earth. feel like you
melts into the ground beneath you with every exhale.
Second phase: 15 minutes – Option 2
Relax in silence – sit with your eyes closed and watch your inner sky.
Osho explains about this meditation:
“I am dealing with modern man, the most restless creature that has ever walked the earth
has given. But people grow silent; you just have to allow them their madness, theirs
throwing out madness, then they go quiet.”

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