Wake up your inner LION to play like a TIGER ….

make your Sport your Meditation-technique 4 outer & inner Growth

weekly new Meditation TO THE INNER GOLFER "masters Golf pro" Steps intensive & praxis course

Inner Sports and Inner Golf is a path to your inner potential in Golf &. Life. Join us on the tour to the inside kingdom of your real potential and being.

Becoming the watcher of your inner thoughts traffic and arriving at a more creative and conscious level of playing the game of life and golf.

This training is specially designed to let you experience results in the inner Golf and Life consciousness. 

Swami Paribuddha and his team of therapists and Meditation facilitators guide you through 7 weeks of meditative and enquiring Golf.




We learn and grow not only by meditating together, but also by learning the wisdom of different spiritual Masters in a Golfers  language and understanding. Exchanging experiences to the themes presented will enrich the progress of becoming a more happy and silent Golfer.

that will benefit you

This intensive course will get you in touch with the essence of Inner Golf skills. Most of the content is based on the learning with my Master Osho, as well as my personal experience as a seeker for more than 50 years and Golfer more than 60 years.

Many Meditation-techniques and exercises will open up some inner and outer spaces in you, that will allow you to experience gaps and moments, that will transform your game, life and that of the people around you.

Golf in the now

Effort, concentration, focus and feeling
what it means to play conscious
is thinking worst than feeling?
if I live more in the here and now, can I reduce my handicap ?

We don`t give you the how, but the why!

It is not about us making you a Lion or  a Tiger, it is more us throwing you back to your own responsibility to uncover your real potential.

Breathing to inner & outer contentment

— We Educate

Joy beyond results and goals
Awareness is the key 
Freeing yourself from preconditions 
Only fools win in this game
Discovering the true potential 

— We Provide

18 Meditation techniques especially tailored to your sport
Techniques to discover the mind games
Techniques to integrate the inner learning with outer physic expression

— Experts

A team of therapists and trainers will guide you along the pathless path to your inner kingdom of Golf

— No fix but unfix

Development asks first for unravelling of what we are holding on to … 

— No tomorrow - Today !

Desires plans and goals stop you from making the change now

— Experiencing

This is not the better greater longer and how to talks, we are playing to experience deeper and clearer

— Discover not change

and change happens automatically. Remember the journey and the goal are not separate. Once you set a goal, you become tense and fear to miss arises, anxiety about the future the outcome. We liberate first the mind from desire later you from the mind…

— reconnect your power

We all are born with incredible power and energy before we have been crippled by society. Reconnecting with your own source is a natural outcome of the going inn.

— Bridge from doing to watching / non-doing

The process from the Ego which means doing to go beyond into non doing and watchfulness is a long road down the lane; when the gap arises here and then, bliss becomes part of the game

— Change & transformation

The only solution is, that you will change your game of golf and life yourself. The Ego doesn`t want you to do so and the Master and Pro are just guides. As long as you hand the responsibility in life to others or in the game, you are a prisoner. We are determined to be free and fully responsible. 

— Admiration

In the small crowds of show jumping spectators, I could observe, that almost all the admirers belong to the jealous group, who play kind of nice, but underneath want your failure.Only a very small group might be non egoistic, simply heartfelt. To play for recognition of others, makes you a slave of idiots. 

Not Motivation - but inspiration!

We are not here to motivate you,  but give you all the tools and possibilities to take your game of golf and life to a next level . You are the only who can make change happen.

getting started

Getting in touch with your potential . A 21 day workshop to find your inner golfer transforming the outer.

Twice a week we have a life meeting, there are various materials to follow, Video lessons and continuous dialogue with the facilitator.

Advancing into deeper layers of becoming a Inner Golfer for both the worlds

The basic structure is like in the basic course, but we combine a lot ore techniques, with many more facilitators, who absolute top specialists in their work. Life, love and Laughter guaranteed for most of the time playing and being.


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