The Hara Stop Meditation

is a one hour meditation
centered in the abdomen. Centering is not only helpful in
stressful everyday life, you can focus above all on your
experience inner divinity.
Hara meditation anytime,
practice for minutes
The Hara Stop Meditation instructed here can be done within a few minutes
be practiced and implemented.
An Audio Guide by Samarpan (5:56 min)
In-Depth 1-Hour Hara Stop
The hara (2 cm below the navel in the abdomen) is the center of everything
inner growth. It is recommendable and gratifying,
take the time for a one-hour journey into the belly
This hour-long Hara meditation is made easier with music. Take’
your favorite music. There are music suggestions in the Shop Meditation.
1st stage (7.5 minutes):
Sit and rotate your upper body
Music type: rather quiet and soft music
Sit comfortably with your eyes closed – if your legs are relaxed
are crossed, that’s best. move with a straight,
upright back counterclockwise. leave yours
body paint a large circle.
Move slowly at first, then faster and smaller and smaller
nascent circles. After all, there is no movement from the outside
more to see, but inside your stomach you are circling imperceptibly
2nd stage (7.5 minutes):
Sit or lie down and breathe into the Hara
Music type: rather quiet and soft music
Still with your eyes closed, sit or lie down
you. Place your palms gently on your stomach, about 2″ apart
below your navel. Press gently with your fingertips
inside. This will help you memorize the hara
do which is an energy center inside below the navel
Now breathe in your own natural rhythm. While
you exhale let your stomach collapse under your hands.
As you breathe in, feel your stomach rise and
walking outside and how he gently presses your palms up.
3rd stage (15 mins):
Centered walking and sudden stops
Music type: light, upbeat music
Get up and start walking, keeping your attention
on the hara. If you use this method in the present
other is doing, make eye contact and stay while you’re doing it
centered in you. If it helps you, keep your hands on that
Hara while you go.
At random intervals, the music will suddenly stop. Freeze
just as you are without moving anything and check
if your awareness is still in the hara.
Breathe in and out gently during the intervals
out into the hara, in your own rhythm.
4th stage (30 mins):
Dancing with awareness in the Hara
Music type: happy, ecstatic dance music
Still with the attention in the hara, with open or
closed eyes – dance completely!
And again, when the music stops, check your awareness
remains centered in the hara.
What is the hara?
“The hara is the contact center between the body and the soul.
When you feel some kind of insecurity left and right and not
know where the center is, it just shows that you’re not anymore
are in contact with your Hara. You must recreate that contact.”
“It is very essential to have a centering. otherwise you feel incomplete
then you are not together. You are then just like one
Puzzle – all pieces and not a whole, not a whole. That is a
bad condition, because without a center a person can only get there
drag, but he cannot love.
Without a center you can do well the routine work in your life,
but you can never be creative. You will live at the minimum. The maximum
will not be possible for you. Only by centering do you live in
Maximum, at the zenith, at the summit, at the peak – and that’s the only one
way of life, a real life.
For example, thinking will be less of a priority because energy
will not go into the head; she will go into the hara. the more you
think of the Hara, the more you concentrate there, the more you become
you see a discipline rising in you. It happens quite naturally
that must not be forced.
The more you are aware of the hara, the less you become afraid of it
have life and death because it is the center of life and death
is. Once you are in tune with the hara center, you can be bold
Life. From him comes courage: less thinking, more stillness, less confusion
Moments, a natural discipline, courage and rootedness, a groundedness.


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