OSHO Laughter Meditation™

This meditation helps you enjoy the little things in life – childlike, in flow, like a mirror.

The first phase is giggling and laughing, the second phase is grounding yourself. With this energy
your dance will have a different quality in the last phase.
The meditation can be done with her special OSHO Laughter Meditation Music, she
indicates the different phases and supports them energetically.
See below where this music is available.
The meditation lasts one hour and has three phases. The meditation ends when you three
hear gong beats. If you are meditating with others, stay throughout
Meditation with you without interacting with the others.
First phase: 20 minutes
Sit still with your eyes closed, start giggling from deep within yourself as if
the whole body giggling and laughing. Start swinging with the laugh and let it go from yours
Expand belly to whole body, hands laugh, feet laugh. walk like crazy
in. If it comes like a roar, loud, let it. If it comes quietly, then sometimes quietly,
sometimes loud – but don’t stop laughing.
This phase ends when you hear a gong chime.
Second phase: 20 minutes
Lie down, spread out on the floor, face down. Get in touch with the
Earth with your whole body and feel that the earth is the mother and you are the child.
Lose yourself in this feeling Breathe with the earth, feel one with the earth.
Third phase: 20 minutes
Get up and start dancing. By grounding you have absorbed so much energy that your
dance has a different quality. Just dance, any dance.
A suggestion from Osho if you are doing this meditation alone at home:
“When it’s warm and you can do them in the garden, on earth, that’s much better. if you her
can do it naked, that’s even better. Make contact with the earth, your whole body lies
on earth. We come from the earth and one day we will return to her.
If it’s difficult when it’s cold, you can also do them in one room; if it but
is sunny, do them outside. If it’s very cold, take a blanket. Find ways and means…”
You can download the music for this meditation here.

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