The OSHO Kundalini Meditation works like an energy shower – in a gentle way
It is a wise way to shake off the intensive working day with the many impressions.
The meditation technique also relaxes deeper levels in the body:
Inner solidifications – physical and psychological – are shaken up
and there is inner harmony: a hum, a feeling of happiness,
deep relaxation and joy.
Guide to Kundalini Meditation
All-round relaxation after work
This ‘shaking meditation’ lasts one hour.
It consists of 4 phases, the first 3 are accompanied by music,
the 4th not.
1st phase 15 minutes
“Be relaxed and let your whole body shake. feel
the energy rising from the feet. Release all tension
and become a shake. Your eyes can be open or closed
Let the shaking happen – don’t do it! position
sit still and feel it coming and when your body starts
to tremble a little, then help, but don’t do it.
Enjoy it, be happy about it, allow it, welcome it,
but don’t force it.
If you force it, it becomes an exercise, a gymnastics.
Then the shaking will be there, but only on the surface,
it doesn’t penetrate you. Inside you stay hard as a
stone, like a boulder. You remain the maker, and the body
will only obey you. But it’s not about the body;
it is about you.
When I say shake, I mean shake your hardness
your being like a boulder. Your whole being should
shake to the core so that it is “liquid and flowing
will make it melt and flow.
And when your frozen being begins to “ow, your
body with. Then there’s no one to shake, just yet
the shaking. Then nobody does it, then it just happens.
The maker is not there.”
2nd phase 15 minutes
Dance how you enjoy it and let your whole body move like that
move as he wants. The eyes can be open or closed
3rd phase 15 minutes
Close your eyes, listen and be still. sit down or stay
stand and watch impartially what is happening inside and outside.
4th phase 15 minutes
Lie still
Lie down with your eyes closed and be still.
You can download the meditation music here
Online you can do the OSHO Kundalini Meditation (and 4 more)
at All you need is one
good internet connection and an hour free time. Try it.
4 phases that can go deep

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