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Paribuddha Masters Golf Pro vocateur

Do you feel stuck with your game of Golf and life?

1 week free Life mentorSHIP
Unleash and Excel your level of performance & joy in GOLF and life

Combining the INNER and the OUTER world techniques, in order to play like an INNER WARRIOR


Get support on your journey of self-discovering your true potential in Golf & Life 

Unlock Your Inner Capacity Through Golf.

Discover a new approach to golf and life that breaks through mental barriers and unlocks your inner potential.

Golf & Meditation with Master's Osho disciple & facilitator

Unlock your potential on the golf course and beyond. Experience the power of Zen and Osho’s teachings in a unique approach to golf and life.

Elevate Your Golf Potential with the Power of Meditation.

Join our mentorship program and learn how to use meditation to overcome mental barriers and improve your golf game

tools to be on top of your game

Elevate your game of Golf & Life

Experience the transformative power of combining meditation and golf to unlock your true potential on and off the course.

Our Enlightened Program

Our meditative practice is a path towards inner peace and joy. You'll learn to be present in the moment, enjoy the journey, and find greater happiness in your life.

Unleash Your Golf Potential with the Power of Meditation.

Let go of the past and develop the power of your mind with our golf-inspired meditative practice.

Release Your Past & Limiting Beliefs.

Through our mindfulness practice, you'll learn to observe your thoughts without judgment or attachment. This helps you release limiting beliefs and create a clearer path towards your future.

Master Your Mind For Success

Golf, as a challenging sport, requires focus and attention to detail. With MindMirroring you'll develop the skills to master your mind, leading to success not just on the golf course but in all.

Transcend Golf, Transform Life: Zen- Golf

Unlock your potential on the golf course and beyond. Experience the power of Zen and Osho's teachings in a unique approach to golf instruction.

GolfMind Mentorship

A mentorship initiativ by Paribuddha GolfPro and Therapist that unleashes peoples hidden golf potential mainly by using the art of meditation going beyond self created barriers of the mind into no mind

Personal Guidance

Our experienced mentors provide personalized guidance to help you identify and overcome obstacles in your life & golf game, usingmeditation as a tool to help you succeed.

Develop knacks and lasting mental habits .

Through our mentorship program, you will learn how to develop lasting mental habits that will not only improve your golf game, but also other areas of your life.


We are going beyond the MIND ! Using the Golfers mind to transcend the mind ..........

WHAT do you gain in a Zen-Golf Mentorship

we are not playing to win trophies, but play to win insights and new dimensions


Our Journey and the Goal are not separate! are you still lingering for more?

One 2 One Session Lifecoaching with Pari

Go for profound analysis and session with Pari


Ready 4 a change?




  • find your inner athlete
  • create your individual & own style
  •  play & be more effortless
  • maximise joy on sport & life
  •  becoming more aware of your movements
  • dissolve tensions 
  • making Golf your Meditation

Once you have a goal, you become tense, technique, character and much more will be needed, you are becoming afraid to miss …. (Osho)

Our desire pulls us into the future, away from the now and the moment. Liberation of the mind is the moment, our Zone and potential errupts.

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training of Zen golf

Join us in a free taster session and find out if the course, session or training is also something for you. A great opportunity to experience the process and get answers to remaining questions.

Swami Paribuddha (PM Kotschwar)

Zen Sports is a unique approach to increase efficiency and joy. It is based on ancient teachings of the eastern martial arts with the sole purpose to cultivate our inner strengths without which our true talents are never fully expressed 

These self-mastery traits made both the feudal masters of China as well as prominent business leaders in East Asia so successful.

All our involvement is based on your full motivation and based on supporting the work of your personal Golf Professional. We have many of the meditative techniques tailor-made for the modern person and Golfer adapted them with wholly new methods. To understand these ancient sciences we bring our current knowledge about physics, mathematics and cosmology to bear, very much support the Pro’s or your technical learning process. “Our main goal is to create the physical and psychological conditions best suited for our body and mind to function optimally, while reducing tension or stress and channeling one’s true potential.”


Inspired by more than 40years being with my MASTER OSHO

Join yOur fellow travellers on their GOLF inner journey Today!

to get acquainted with the inner skills techniques for "GOLF SATISFACTION", it needs a bit of adventurous spirit and determination for more in Golf & Life

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