About Us

Nothing fascinates and satisfies more than the confrontation with the inner self and warrior!

Sw. Paribuddha (Founder)

Our Story

The former Austrian International, then Golf Pro with the USGTF in USA, has more than 4 decades background as a Meditator, Therapist, Management Trainer, CEO and Manager in 5 continents, as well as NLP and Hypnose expert for Sports people.

The fascination for the “inner game” started in early childhood around the game of soccer and with the age of fourteen occupied mostly the playgrounds of Golf.

Meet Our Lead Instructors

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Sarovara (Susan)

Therapist, Meditation facilitator and Feldenkrais for Golfers expert

Prasuna (Sabine)

Therapist and Qi Gong & Meditation instructor


Top Golfer and decades of Zen Archery Instructor. Asanga is one of the rare experts who combine Golf with Martial Arts breath work 

Chris Parker

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