Let Me Help You discovering Your potential in the Right Ways.

The "MASTERS GOLF PRO-vocateuer" Swami Paribuddha is your Golf and meditation facilitator

from doing to non-doing

What I Do

my mission

Nothing beats those thrills you get, when you have a breakthrough in Golf & Life. They are both the same experiences, no separation. Life reflects in your Golf and vice versa. Golf for LIFE is like peeling an onion, all that is transmitted from you to develop and grow to your true potential.

My mission is to share those techniques and tools I learned from a living Master and some of the world most renowned therapists plus, 40+ years of meditating & playing golf around him. I have gathered so much incredible wisdom and knowledge over four decades of practicing meditation, therapy and Golf, which I would love to share with you now.
This wisdom has helped me form unique perspectives on self-awareness and inner fulfilment.

Now it is time to transfer some of my full pot with you, because you deserve it. You deserve to feel the same wonderment , I felt so often on the golf course and in life. In this way I am assisting you to grow on a much shorter and more comfortable path to your true and hidden own potential, than otherwise.

I facilitate

from my decades of experience I learned to retract myself in most moments when your growth is happening 

I mentor

from going through many struggles with Golf and inner techniques I can support you when and where necessary

I speak

I speak on many upcoming videos about themes which we as Golfer but all the others as well, do encounter on the round of our life & Golf 

Need Advice?

For a ONE2ONE session send us an E-Mail or book a private session on ZOOM (NLP, Hypnosis, one2one talk)

My Courses

Besides the Zoom Online Courses and events, starting from 2023 there will be life weekends in areas where there seems to be the most interest. Keep in touch with us by newsletter or Telegram to stay informed 

We facilitate most of  our training and learning via ZOOM ONLINE !
VIDEOS are in our Youtube channel …..

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