Guide to Latihan Meditation

A German Guide to Latihan Meditation –
of absolute devotion to existence.
The phases are explained and also the dangers of these
devotional meditation.
“Latihan is a recommended meditation technique from Indonesia that
comes close to dynamic meditation. In Latihan you give yourself completely
towards existence. You let your body move by itself – not by
you control it through thought, but by being governed by a universal
power moves.”
Guide to Latihan Meditation
Dangers of Latihan Meditation
Can’t stop, exhaust yourself, crazy
If you become unconscious in Latihan Meditation, you can after 40 minutes
maybe not stop. The energetic whirlwind likes to
be overwhelming. Maybe you’ll burn yourself out completely if you do it
longer than 40 minutes. If you exhaust yourself like that, then it will
make you pass out instead of making you feel good.
When you wake up from unconsciousness, your body will hurt you
and you feel like throwing up. You will … yourself
not found strengthened, but weakened. And sometimes will
people go crazy – they can’t stop.
If you didn’t consciously observe Latihan during the 40 minutes,
then Latihan might suddenly happen to you on the street, in a shop
or somewhere else. Then you are no longer master of the meditation technique,
because you didn’t stay conscious.
Latihan is a good method, but observation must be involved,
so you can stop when you want and not at some point and
can happen anywhere. If awareness is involved, then
through Latihan, the body releases the tension it has accumulated
The second boon of Latihan…
Clear to see: I am not the body!
These 40 minutes of observation are important for another reason:
You will be able to see more easily that you are not the body. you control
not the body, you are not doing anything. So you can see that its
Movements have nothing to do with you, he behaves on his own
When you see this, it’s easier for you to let go of the idea that you
the body are This is what happens in Dynamic Meditation, so it stands
the Dynamic Meditation on the Latihan Meditation.
Latihan is an ancient method. She can help someone who doesn’t have much tension
in his body and who hardly suppresses thoughts, yes
nowadays such people are rare. Everyone is full these days

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