is an energetic process that brings the conscious,
bypasses analytical mind. The participants connect directly
with their own energy without the intervention of the meditation leader.
It is an active meditation technique in which one looks at oneself each
encountered again in the moment.
The process takes 3 weeks
We have suppressed our vitality throughout our lives,
our laughter and our pain and sadness. These hang around
around us, one layer at a time. By letting us through this
Digging through layers, we gain our pure, natural, original
energy back to us.
Guide to active OSHO Mystic
Rose meditation
A week of laughter
For the first seven days, the focus is on laughter. Three
For hours just laughing for no reason. Give in every moment
your energy to start laughing.
Outside of meditation, don’t cry. During this week
Find the absurd and the ridiculous in as much as you can
all situations.
A week of tears
The second seven days the focus is on tears and crying,
allow the pain, hurt and sadness. While
of the three hours direct your attention to these
Deep, those old wounds, and allow the tears to well up.
During this week do not laugh outside of this meditation.
You don’t need to feign sadness, but look for situations
– either for you alone or with others – where you with
touching that vulnerable, sensitive feeling inside you
can be
A Week ‘Observers on the Mountain’
The third week is “The Watcher on the Mountain”, the opportunity to
falling into a relaxed state of meditation. All
Emotions move in it and are perceived as
they change without taking part in them.
After the strong cleaning process of the first two weeks,
here the energy is allowed to settle and space for stillness
to create.
Testimonials from participants
Osho quotes about the Mystic Rose
physical changes
“This is a new active meditation that is also a physiological, physical one
brings about change, as well as a health transformation.
It releases the child in you, with all its freshness and wonder.”
Rejuvenation, health and joy of playing
“The OSHO Mystic Rose Meditation is a completely new meditation that has never been
previously existed in human history. It becomes science
increasingly aware of how healing laughter is, what it is for the body
and his health, mobility and joy of playing. Sincerely
laughing or crying will rejuvenate you.”
Deep cleansing of old wounds
“The OSHO Mystic Rose Meditation is a deep cleansing of many wounds
and scars over the centuries. The social norms have
your laughter and crying suppressed, because they disturb the regulated ones
For thousands of years we have suppressed much and what so suppressed
will create a wound. These wounds and scars were over
developed many lives. They are not part of the body, they surround consciousness
and must be released.”
Blossom from within
“You are just a commonplace thing, an object, unless you become yourself
out happy unless your rose blooms from within your own being
out of here. Meditation reveals your subjectivity to you… subjectivity, that is
your consciousness.
Awareness and life experience with it make your life meaningful,
eternal, immortal, without a beginning and without an end, a celebration
from moment to moment, to a dance of joy. Unless you have your life
transformed into a dance of joy that lasts from one moment to the next
persists, you have missed the great opportunity that life gives you.”
Osho – Quote Excerpts from Yahoo! The Mystic Rose
Your essence is the Mystic Rose
“Your heart is the ground
Your trust is the climate
and your essence is the mystical rose –
It opens, blooms and releases its fragrance.
The mystical rose is only a symbol for man,
whose nature is no longer asleep,
whose being is no longer asleep but fully awake
a rose that has opened all its petals
and has become sensitive to everything
what is true, beautiful and good,
the true glory of existence.”

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